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OUTLAW RADIO'S Micro FM Extended stay hotel studio is a very simple layout with two PC's & two XM's as program sources. The micro station covers about a mile with 100 milliwatts from an indoor antenna on the second floor location.
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10 Watt Transmitter &
Behringer DC Powered mixer
20 watt P.A. mixer-amp
Part 15 US
Do It Yourself Broadcasting
Here is an all in one studio/transmitter set up for the broadcaster on the go! Everything pictured can be operated off a 12 volt battery; The transmitter is a ten watt mono capable of covering over 15 miles with the right antenna and location; like on a high floor apartment or  hotel balcony. SAM 3 is pictured on the laptop; but Zara radio 1.6 would make for a less demanding music playout system.
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FM DX Tunable Ground Plane Antenna
The Radio Brand tunable 1/4wave ground wave antenna was hung with 50lb fishing line from a beam in the room (the room had a raised ceiling).
EDM Design
A EDM LED 100 milliwatt transmitter feeds the 1/4 wave GP ant with a short RG-8 cable.

The EDM is a rock solid transmitter which has served us well for over four years without a glitch.

This studio set relies on incoming feeds and call ins for programming, the Hi-Fi Sony VCR is still used to record programs up to eight hours long in the EP mode. A Panasonic DAT recorder is used for recording incoming streams; compressors/ limiters and processors are used to clean up audio feeds which are routed into the Mackie mixer, via two patch bays.
Home Talk Studio
Our Temporary  Studio
This studio was set up temporary in the DJ lounge; while the transmitter shack studio got a makeover. Three computers (not pictured) to the left; were used for audio editing and downloading streams. SAM 3 had been used, but was replaced with Zara Radio; which proved far more stable than SAM 3. Separate feeds were made available so individual ID's and liners could be fired off for the two FM's and two AM's.
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Outlaw Radio covers all aspects of DIY broadcasting; from the studio to the broadcast antenna and everything in between.

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Studio for low power FM-FM radio station combo. The studio needed to be kept simple, low cost and fit in a small space; just four feet wide! Recycling some old equipment help reduce cost.

The most expensive piece of equipment; was a new Behringer XENYX 1002B mixer. The rest of the equipment was found on E-bay for a few hundred dollars.

This studio is used by two Micro FM radio stations for live programs; that use CD's and carts on air.
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