* Doubles the loudness of your recordings and sound reinforcement systems without any distortion.
* Ultimate mastering machine maximizes signal energy with absolutely "inaudible" and transparent compression.
* Varible band-split compression eliminates virtually any gain intermodulation effects, such as "bass pumping" etc.
* "Intelligent" digital limiter protects against clipping and dagerous sound pressure levels.
* Built-in denoiser and exciter for noise-free and ultra transparent sound.
* 3D stereo surround processor provides unbelievable spatial enhancement and improved stereo immaging.
* Super bass enhancer psycho-acoustically creates an incredible bass sound below the speakers frequency range.
* Incorporated leveler for constant average output level while retaining the instantaneous dynamics.
* Free ULTRAMIZER software allows total remote control via PC-download at www.behringer.com .
* 24-bit A/D and D/A converters with 64/128 times oversampling for ultra-high headroom and resolution.
* Internal 24-bit processing with professional 46 kHz sampling rate.
* Servo-balanced inputs and outputs on gold-plated XLR and TRS connectors for high signal integrity.
* 50 programmable user presets for instant recall.
* Accurate eight-segment LED level and gain reduction meters for optimum performance.
* "Future-proof" software-upgradeable architecture.
* Full MIDI capability allows real-time parameter control and program selection.
* High-quality components and exceptionally rugged construction ensures long life and durability.
* Manufactured under ISO9000 certified management system.
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The Promix 12 is a great starter console for under $1000. The ProMix 12 is a feature-packed broadcast audio mixing console that is ideal for broadcast and audio production facilities needing an affordable compact solution.
More on the Promix 12 can be found here

We will have more consoles/mixers shortly!
 The SixMix USB Broadcast Console is a full-featured professional radio station audio mixer. Its 10 inputs include an integral A/D + D/A digital audio codec with a USB computer interface. The SixMix is designed for live broadcasting as well as recording, editing, and other production tasks. There is a stereo Program mixing bus, a Mix-Minus output, a Cue bus with internal Cue speaker, and comprehensive Headphones and Monitor systems. Other features include a Talkback system, Guest Headphone facilities, and accurate audio level metering. SixMix is ideally suited for use in a broadcast studio, news room, radio automation system, remote broadcast facility, emergency studio, internet broadcast station, or editing suite. With a footprint about the size of a laptop computer, it is a compact yet versatile and powerful audio production tool that is intuitive and easy to use.

More on the SixMix can be found here
Hover over SixMix to see
rear connections
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KDEY Radio
Studios Of Minnesota based micro radio station
KDEY, which uses a high quality EDM LCD FM Transmitter.
Visit KDEY Radio's web site to learn more about the station here
A  studio set up like this, would be perfect for the Christmas light community too

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The Yamaha MG10/2 is a great mixer for the small broadcaster. While it has been discontinued, it can still be found on E-Bay.
One advantage of the MG10/2 is it has full metering, the new version has fewer segments in the meter, making it hard to set levels.

The MG10/2 also allows for cueing via the pre fade AUX output; We have our output connected to a
1 watt cue speaker.  
Low Cost Mixers
The Yamaha MG10/2,features
two mic & four stereo inputs.
to give you some ideals.
Winamp, iTunes Windows Media Player Real Player QuickTime
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