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Yamaha MG 10/2 Review
Zara Radio Automation
Shure SM58 Review
Behringer DSP1424p review
The Shure SM58 Mic is a great
microphone for the broadcaster
on a tight budget at around $99
Zara Radio 1.62 is a great radio automation system for the radio station looking to save a few dollars; without sacrificing flexibility and ease of operation. Zara Radio 1.62 can be run on older computers down to 350 mhz, 200mb and running Win98SE; in which you could pick up a computer for next to nothing.
Yamaha, makes some great low cost mixers costing around a hundred dollars. Behringer also makes some reliable low cost
mixers too. With a basic computer based studio, you only need
inputs for the P.C. audio card and a microphone or two; in the old days we needed many more inputs for tapes machines and
turntables are an option rarely used these days.
The last piece of equipment you need before the transmitter is an audio processor or audio limiter. The Behringer DSP-1424p, is an outstanding processor for around hundred dollars. The DSP-1424p will allow you give you a sound quality on the level of the big stations, without the cost.
Alesis 3630 compressor review
The Alesis 3630 Compressor can be used to, but your sound will not be as loud as other stations, the 3630 is strictly a compressor, not a processor like the DSP 1424p. The price is about the same as the DSP 1424p, coming in at about $100.
Used P.C.
Misc. Cables
Total Cost
While the equipment is simple and low cost, your on the air sound quality will be equal or better than most radio stations on the dial.
Spend the money saved on the air studio, on your production studio: mixer with more inputs for tape, CD, turntables. A newer computer in the production room is recommended for ripping tracks and recording files; which could be saved to flash drives or networked together.
Low Cost Studio Equipment

The equipment to the left has been in use at dozens of studios we have.

Each item has been used 24 hours a day, seven days a week; for a minimum of four years. The latest version of Zara Radio 1.62, has performed flawlessly since it was installed on all of our computers regardless of the operating system: Win98SE, ME, XP or Vista.

We consider the equipment listed proven and recommend it to anyone on a budget but not wanting to sacrifice sound quality.

Behringer, equipment without a doubt offers the most bang for the buck. Behringer products are very durable and are considered by many as disposable. However the parts inside can be found at any parts house like Mouser.

Yamaha equipment also offers decent equipment at reasonable prices.
Simple Broadcast Set Up
  Mighty 1650 AM, is a part 15 AM radio station
broadcasting out of McKinney, Texas. Mighty 1650 AM
uses a SStran AMT 3000 Transmitter; the Sstran is a low cost kit built transmitter, that when connected to the properly grounded antenna will cover a mile+
AMT-3000 Transmitter
SStran Transmitters
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Dozens of radio networks provide programming via satellite to micro broadcasters.
Basic Satellite Radio Set Up
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