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Ramsey FM25b Real World Coverage Map
This is a realistic coverage map of our Ramsey, FM25b transmitter (with whip antenna).
 Our transmitter was in room 225, on the second level of the Motel 6, in Mojave, California.
The car radio, was an after market Jensen, mounted in a '93 Chevy van.
The Walkman type radio, was a cheap 99 cent type; with a built in flashlight.
Outlaw Radio
Ramsey FM25b
Motel 6 Mojave, California. Stator Brothers market is in a shopping center down the street, shown in the distance.
   Here is a coverage map, of a radio station we operated in Mojave, in 1998. Back in the 90's, before the highway bypass came in; the business district would become gridlock on Friday afternoons, for miles. Knowing the choices on the radio dial were few; we started a radio station to promote local business and provide traffic updates. It would take 40 minutes or longer to make it through the signal at hwy 14 & 58; so we had a captive audience.

The station only had 300 milliwatts, fed into a single dipole at 30 feet above ground. Despite the low power, and over a mile distance to the highway at the closest point; the station provided good car radio coverage of the entire business district and beyond.

Dick Rutan, who is famous for putting the first private rocket in space; was well within our coverage area. It was a good time as Mojave, was a forced stop for everyone headed to Las Vegas, from Northern California. For those living in the area; we provided non stop news, during non peak times.


Outlaw Stats
Bypass wiped out most of the businesses in Mojave since it opened.

The frequency we chose was convenient; since the station in Barstow, to the east of Mojave was on 98.1 and began fading just before Mojave. So it was easy for listeners to tune in with just a button push. Bakersfield's 98.5, also faded out just before entering the Mojave area.
Dollar Store pocket radio used
Ramsey FM25B
first floor here>

Good Car Radio Coverage
Ramsey FM25b was located on the bottom flow in a inter room with only its whip antenna.
Ramsey FM25B
In Here>

The Ramsey FM25B, was located in this office building on the ground floor.
Here is another location where a Ramsey FM25b provided surprising coverage
EDM Transmitter Here>
EDM LCD FM transmitter, was located inside a home, along with the 1/4 wave ground plane antenna, mounted just 5' above ground. Transmitter output was 100 milliwatts.
EDM LCD FM Transmitter Under The Worst Conditions
Coverage Area With 300 milliwatt Panaxis FMX
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